butterfly koi

How Big do koi get? Koi can obtain a length of 40 inches or one meter. Some koi grow much faster and larger than others . Some of the biggest koi we have seen come from Chagoi, Soragoi, and Asagi. These are very friendly koi and seem to be a bit more hardy than the other varieties . We do raise and sell some big koi and they can be found on out shopping cart . To really get your koi as large as possible, feed them Aquatic Nutrition's "Blackwater Gold-N " koi food as many times a day as you can when the water temperatures are above 70 degrees. This koi food is especially designed to grow your fish big , quick and provide the optimum Nutrion. If you really want big koi , feed them this koi food. Koi never stop growing although the first 3 years represent the fastest and most growth. That's why if you want big koi, the key is the koi food and great water quality.  See our big koi at https://www.koisale.com/KoiStore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=80

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