Friendly Lucky Butterfly 2 Pack

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Size: 4" - 6"

Fin Type: Butterfly

Type: Matsukawabake & Chagoi

Lucky Koi: Many cultures believe that by adding black colored koi to your pond it bring about good luck. In fact, some cultures see black koi and the black color in general as being capable promoting contemplation and the overcoming of obstacles, as well as bringing wealth and prosperity into one’s life.

A rough translation of Matsukawabake is matsu is pine, kawa is river, bake is changeable or variable. It was used to discribe the koi that was bred in a villiage in a pine forest next to the river that changed it's pattern. These black koi are have an ever changing color pattern that evolves with the temperature of your water and the changing seasons.

Friendly Koi: Two things you can count on with Chagoi is their capacity to grow very large and their extreme friendliness. Introducing a Chagoi to a pond full of nervous Koi has a calming effect, speeding up the hand-feeding training process.

These fish can be related to Labrador retrievers of the dog world. Always happy to see you and very friendly and inquisitive. By adding one to two of these fish to your collection, they can quickly teach the other fish that it is OK to greet you at the pond side in order to get a snack!