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Size: 6-8 inches

Total Fish: 3

What you see is exactly what you get! Our Special Hand Picked Boxes are selected by our Farm Managers regularly with the goal to provide you with an exceptional assortment of sizes, colors and grades for your pond. Each box is unique, one of a kind and a great value.

Special Note: On the rarest occasion we will need to replace a fish in our special handpicked boxes due to loss or fitness. Koi occasionally will jump from their tanks. In the event of this occurring after a purchase we will contact the buyer indicating the change or we will make a note on the site and indicate there has been a change to the box.

These are the actual fish you will receive.

As with all fish sold at Blackwater Creek and its retail partners, ALL fish (and we mean ALL FISH) are produced at Blackwater Creek BY Blackwater Creek's expert staff WITH Blackwater's lines of genetics... So what does this mean?

1. American Jobs You are supporting many, many families that love producing these fish. Its NOT an easy job. If you dont love it...you can't do it. Our crew Loves it!

2. Biosecurity Our farms were the FIRST to stop bringing in outside fish. A long time ago, well before it was a cool thing to brag about. Our fish are viral tested... truly viral tested. Some other farms buy and sell a lot of the fish they offer and it is a very risky business regardless of what they tell you. Many farms choose not to test their fish (we have an idea why... you should ask them). Safe secure fish... Blackwater Creek.

3. Price Farm Direct means great prices on FIRST CHOICE Fish. Like pickin a sweet apple right from the tree!

4. Appreciation We appreciate the fish we raise and we APPRECIATE your business! Thank You!