Butterfly Fin Koi

Butterfly Koi, also called Long Fin Koi, are our passion. We truly love producing the best butterfly Koi in the world, hands down. Contrary to some writings , Butterfly Koi were firsts produced by our friends at Suda Fish Farms near Ojiya City Japan where Mr Suda crossed a Indonesian long fin carp with his parent Koi, not to produce long fin Koi or butterfly Koi, But to IMPROVE (Yes, improve!) the body.

The result were some Koi that looked like good Showa, some Koi that were very low quality, And some that we're the first Butterfly Koi to be produced. 


These first generation Butterfly Koi were raised and some were sold. Mr Suda continued to produce some of these butterfly Koi for sale but these fish were not readily accepted in the market. 

Today butterfly Koi are extremely popular and found competing at Koi shows and residing in high end Koi ponds throughout the world. Mr Suda has since produced some very nice Butterfly Koi, especially in the Showa variety.


Butterfly Koi of good quality are more difficult to produce and thus command higher prices. Large Butterfly Koi with perfect finnage are fairly rare. Contrary to some beliefs, Butterfly Koi are extremely hardy and resilient in normal Koi ponds year round.

Did you know: The majority of Butterfly Koi produced commercially around world today 

come from broodstock provided by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms!