Pick Your Variety Goldfish

We produce many beautiful and unique goldfish varieties that we're anxious to share with you! We have created this new item, Pick Your Goldfish Variety, as a way for you to pick and choose which specific varieties of our great goldfish you get! Want 2 Shubunkins, 1 Watonai, and 4 Calico Wakins? Of course! Or maybe you’d prefer 4 Sarasa Comets and 3 Red and White Hibunas? No sweat! Whichever mix you want, you can now get exactly which varieties you want in your pond or aquarium. We will pick the nicest and largest examples that we currently have available of your chosen varieties for you.


Please remember that every goldfish is different and unique. The goldfish you receive may not look exactly like the ones pictured, but they will be the best examples of the varieties you chose that we currently have available. If you do decide on purchasing 7 Goldfish, you will recieve Free Shipping,  any purchases below 7 fish will use our Flat Rate Zone Shipping, still an excellent deal.