Pick Your Variety Calico Wakin

PYV Goldfish Calico Wakin
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please select the quantity of Goldfish you want below, the product images are examples of the variety of Goldfish not the amount you will receive.
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We produce many beautiful and unique goldfish varieties that we're anxious to share with you! We have created this new item, Pick Your Goldfish Variety, as a way for you to pick and choose which specific varieties of our great goldfish you get!

Please remember that every goldfish is different and unique. The goldfish you receive may not look exactly like the ones pictured, but they will be the best examples of the varieties you chose that we currently have available.

Size: 4-6”

Calico Wakin

Elongated body with a double tail like a fancy goldfish. They typically are red and white in color, but we've had luck producing them in the calico color too.