Family Owned & Operated

Blackwater Creek is managed by Joe and Cheryl Pawlak. Both possess degrees in Aquaculture and well over three decades of experience in fish production, along with an understanding of marketing both retail and wholesale. Their longstanding relationship with their many Japanese Koi mentors allows them to offer you the best American bred Koi, year round, at very competitive prices.


Located in Central Florida, Blackwater Creek Koi Farms is able to produce high quality Standard Fin Koi, Butterfly Koi and Goldfish, all at reasonable prices due to the 11 month growing season. The brood stock we use can trace its lineage back to the original, high quality, fish we imported from Japan and our own cultivated stock. 


Our Mission:
Our goal is to establish long term relationships with dealers, across America, as well as Koi Hobbyists.

This will benefit everyone:

  • Allowing one-on-one personal service which helps us know exactly the types of fish that are in the most demand and what our customers want most out of their experience with us.
  • Arranging fish shipments to meet YOUR needs. We ship All fish UPS Overnight right to you door.
  • We Offer a 72 hour health guarantee on all fish sent to you.
  • For our wholesalers, we offer better pricing and terms to help you carry a larger inventory which allows you to meet your local customers desires.
  • Continually train our staff so that they in turn can answer your Koi/Goldfish/Pond questions.
  • To provide quality healthy American bred and raised Koi and Specialty Goldfish at reasonable prices.

We look forward to serving you and hope to see you at one of the many regional Koi Shows that we participate in.

Sincerely – Joe Pawlak – President