Watonai Goldfish

Fantail goldfish from Blackwater Creek have a slightly elongated body shape with a flowing, double tail like a fantail. They come in many exciting color types, including calico, red, white, and combinations of red and white.


Occassionally, we even get fantails that are colored like our Sanke Golds and Black Opal Shubunkins! They do well in ponds, but because of their double tails, they may be outcompeted for food by koi. Fantails do very well in aquariums too, making them the perfect fish to enjoy indoors year-round!

We are working very hard to produce very high quality Fantail goldfish. All of our original goldfish, except for Wakins, were produced using ony a couple hundred Sarasa Comets and Shubunkin goldfish. Years and years of effort has rewarded us with our own unique goldfish line that we are very proud of. We’re sure that you will enjoy them too!