Baby Koi Fish For Sale- Peanuts

Our baby Koi (Peanuts) are the result of numerous controlled breedings of our original Japanese Koi stock as well as Blackwater Creek’s world famous Butterfly Koi. New this year, Peanuts are now unculled! This means that the fish you receive as Peanuts are not culls; we have not gone through and cherry-picked out the nice ones.So you end up with many more “diamonds in the rough” when purchasing our Peanuts.


Not only will you get some high quality Koi within the mix, but also the Koi varieties you receive will be varied and we’ll ensure you get a good mix that may include both Butterfly Koi and Standard fin Koi.


These baby Koi for sale are offered in Large and Small Packs. Typically a full box will contain 150 to 250 Koi, ranging in size from 1” to 2.5” (25.4mm – 63mm). The number of Koi in the pack is determined by the Koi size.  Smaller Koi will have more per box, whereas larger Koi will have fewer.

A box of Peanuts is a good way to “seed” a new pond. Think of how much fun you’ll have picking out the Koi “diamonds in the rough” from the bunch and watching them develop into real gems!


No matter your intent; seeding a new pond, offering these Koi for sale at shows, advertising Koi for sale locally, or starting your very own Koi store, the best part of all is that these Koi come from Blackwater Creek. We’re the trusted name for safe and healthy Koi, Butterfly Koi, and Goldfish. 


Blackwater Creek: Often imitated, never duplicated. Order Peanut Koi here now or sign up to be notified when they and other special deals are offered for sale.