Standard Fin Koi

One of the best things about America is its diversity. Our passion for Koi and the number of ponds on our Koi farm allow us to produce the majority of Koi varieties in standard fin Koi. In many parts of the world Koi pond space is very very expensive. Keeping large amounts of Koi broodstock is also expensive. Many overseas Koi breeders are forced to focus on only a few varieties, during any given year. 

Blackwater Creek Koi farms offers a wider selection of Koi varieties because we have the space, brood-stock, and expertise. Inside our shopping area, you will find standard Koi varieties as well as some very unique and hard to find Koi.


The most important decision you can make is who and where you select your Koi. Blackwater Creek’s Koi are bio secure, government monitored, and tested. All of the Koi for sale at Blackwater Creek Koi farms come from Blackwater Creek Koi farms.


Most other Koi suppliers buy Koi from many different sources around the world to get the needed mix of Koi varieties. We produce and supply all of the Koi varieties here at our farms. If you’re getting Koi from a supplier other than Blackwater Creek Koi farms ask your supplier if they buy fish from any where else. If they are honest with you, I think you will be surprised to find that they buy from multiple sources and may tell you they keep the Koi and fancy goldfish separated. This is risk you need not be part of.

Check out our “Wow” fish. These Koi are truly rare and worth a look and possibly a place in your high end Koi pond. If you’re just starting out, try a box of “Peanuts”. If you’re in between, you are sure to find Koi that catch your eye throughout our website.

Often imitated, never duplicated.


Blackwater Creek Koi farms will provide you with the best selection of standard fin Koi.

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