Koi Food

Lets talk fish food


We did not start out in the fish food business; it came to us!


When we were a small company, I contacted many commercial fish food manufacturers and requested small samples of their products to evaluate. My thinking was good food plus good conditions equals good fish! This, as it turns out, is one of the axioms of Koi keeping! In those early years the commercial food producers did not want to work with us, with only a promise of future volume. It's very similar to the banking industry; if you need money they have a hard time giving it to you. If you don't need it, they'll beat down your door down to loan money to you.

During my search we did manage to convince three companies that saw our potential to give us a chance. We took basic formulas and tweaked them probably 10 times, doing trials and evaluating how our fish grew. We monitored how they looked after a month, how the water quality in the ponds and tanks were, how many "fines" were in the bottom of the bags, and other criteria, all based on the research done on aquatic foods. At the time, carp were the number one produced food fish worldwide, meaning a lot of research had been done on them. We added, subtracted, tweaked, and changed the original food recipes until we arrived at what seemed to work for us and our farms’ unique circumstances. These recipes have evolved into what is now Blackwater Max, Color, and Gold diets.


We have been developing our Koi and Goldfish diets for years. All of our fish at BWC farms are raised on our own line of fish food. It is the life blood of our business and we have what we feel is the best variety of high grade Koi Food to grow your fish, to improve color and to keep your fish healthy and happy all year long

We developed these diets to help improve our Koi, not to make a profit by selling fish food to others. After all, our Koi are our profits; the better we grow them, the more money we make. We never intended to be a Koi food company. There are enough Koi diets on the market already, right? There is one company that I feel produces a consistently high grade of food, Hikari, Their line of Koi food is good; some of it really good. My question in the beginning was how do we, Blackwater Creek, afford 800+ pounds of Hikari food a day? You guessed, it we couldn't; and that was the engine that drove us to develop our own Koi diets.


These Koi feeds were originally formulated at Blackwater Creek Koi Farms to increase growth, reduce waste, and provide balanced nutrition at an economical cost. As Blackwater Creek increased its production and market share, customers wanted to share in the savings and great quality food being used on the farm.


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Our supply company, Aquatic Nutrition Inc., has done a great job supplying the needs of our growing Koi Farm and our hungry Koi! They are continuously improving the diets with new formulations, faster turnaround times and great leveraging on key ingredients keeping prices down. Dollar for dollar we feel our Koi foods are the best quality and value available.


So what makes our diets better?

  • Freshness: Our diets are typically made less than 90 days from the time they are shipped to you.
  • Value: Ours farms utilize tens of thousands of pounds of Koi food each season. We pass the savings on to you. If a bag is damaged by our forklift, we simply use the feed in one of our ponds!
  • Technology: There are a lot of diets out there and many put profits ahead of quality. With Blackwater Diets, we feel a little profit and a better quality puts us way ahead of our competition

Compare our prices, our quality, and our reputation. You will love the way our foods help your fish thrive and reach their full potential. Your Koi will enjoy these diets season after season. As with all our feeds, we stand behind them 100%.


Our success depends on your success. Thank you for helping make Blackwater Creek Koi Foods the choice of hobbyists worldwide!


Joe Pawlak

President, Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc.