Aquaponics Fish Stocking Pack

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Quantity: 125

Size: 1-4"

Grade: Decorative

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Aquaponics works because as you feed the fish, the waste the fish produce feeds the plants whose roots are exposed to the fish water. The plants flourish and they filter the water for the fish!

This box of 125 Koi under 4" is a mix of grades and both Butterfly and Standard fin. Approximately 6 pounds of fish will eat 136 grams of food their first day in the system and excrete 4 grams of ammonia. You aquaponic versed people can calculate from there.

Koi make the perfect aqauponic fish because they are carp. They are easy to raise and are tolerant of poor water quality and can withstand a lot of mistakes as you learn. The big plus is as they grow, there is a huge demand for Koi and they can be sold for a profit. For a quick example:

125 fish 90% survival to 8"=112 fish

112 fish times $10.00 each (a very low retail price) = $1120.00 or a return on your initial investment of over 300% ..... better than any stock market pick these days. Plus its fun!!! Plus you can sell the plants, flowers etc as well.

For a lot of details about aquaponics..... visit They have a catalog of just aquaponic items and can help you with a system for your table top ... or your 10 acre industrial site. Photo was taken partially at Aquatic Eco's 3 story roof top aquaponics farm... great job AES!!!

Go Green ... enjoy aquaponics