Buy Goldfish

Love our koi? You're sure to love our goldfish too! A pond full of beautiful goldfish can be very relaxing and enjoyable. And for those store owners, adding goldfish to the mix of fish you sell will increase your profits. Goldfish are hardy, easily handled, and great for those with small ponds that cannot house koi. We produce many varieties of goldfish, including our very own Sanke Gold™, Black Opal Shubunkins™, Sky Blue Shubunkins, Common Goldfish, Sarassa Comets, and Wakins. Our fish are better because we take the extra time to ensure you get a great mix of quality fish in each shipment. All the fish we sell were bred and raised right here in sunny Florida by Blackwater Creek – we do not broker fish! When buying goldfish directly from us, you negate the risk of diseases commonly found in fish that are brought from another farm and relabeled as the seller's fish. We want to be your Goldfish supplier and feel that once you see our stellar quality, variety, and health, you’ll agree that Blackwater Creek’s Goldfish are better!