Gold Dust Standard Fin Koi

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Quantity: 1

Size: 4-10"

Type: Gold Dust™ Chagoi, Gin Rin Chagoi, Ochiba, or Gin Rin Ochiba

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Back by popular demand, Gold Dust™ Koi are a specialty of Blackwater Creek Koi Farms. These gorgeous Koi look as if they are coated with gold leaf! The iridescence in their fins shows elegantly against the black background of a Koi pond. This very friendly variety will likely be the first to greet you at the pond side for food.

These Koi have been developed in Chagoi, Gin Rin Chagoi, Ochiba, and Gin Rin Ochiba. We will pick you 1 fish between 4 and 10 inches. When we choose for you, the quality of the fish comes first and then the size. We will send you the best quality of the biggest size available at the time.

Here are some photos of Gold Dust™ Koi we have produced here at Blackwater Creek. You can expect the fish you receive to be similar in color.