Nutri-Pond Sticks 1.75 lbs-Case

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Nutri-Pond Sticks are floating stick shaped fish food that are packed with nutrition. Your Koi, Goldfish, Turtles and even tadpoles will love Nutri-Pond Sticks. Because they float, all your pond creatures will come to the surface for easy viewing and an easy meal. The sticks soften quickly and are enjoyed by all. Nutri-Pond Sticks come in a 3.5 lb. and 1.75 lb. bags, compare our quality ingredients and size to other "sticks" and see a much better value with Nutri-Pond Sticks. We think you will love our Nutri-Pond Sticks!


20 Bags/Case

  • More food, better nutrition, better price.
  • Can be fed as a daily primary diet or as a special treat
  • Contains first quality Menhaden Fish Meal, quality grains and a complete amino profile
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals for healthy and happy fish