Pick Your Mix Yellow

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please select the quantity you want below, the product images are examples of the type of Koi you may receive not the amount you will receive.
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Maybe you don't necessarily know all the specific varieties of Koi you want, but you do know what colors you want. Well, look no further because this is the perfect package of Koi for you! You can select and get exactly the mix of colors you want in your pond.

Availability varies, so there may be some weeks where we do not have any of a certain variety available. Please note, the varieties pictured are representations of what the varieties will look like as adults (approximately 2 years old). Certain varieties obtain their finished patterns later than others.

May contain Yamabuki, Hariwake, Kin Ki Utsuri, Ki Bekko, and other yellow Koi.  

Size: 3"-5"

Grade: Select and Premium