Premium Koi 8-12" Butterfly Fin

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Fin Type: Butterfly

Size: 8-12 inches

Grade: Premium

Quantity: 8 fish per box

Price is per fish with a minimum full box purchase required.

Premium Grade is typically comprised of less than 5% of our Koi harvest. These fish represent the highest grade of fish produced at Blackwater Creek. They contain all the qualities possessed in our original imported varieties such as great conformation, color and pattern. Our premium fish always place well at the various Koi shows throughout the country.

Varieties we have produced and may be included in this mix are: Bekko, Matsuba, Showa, Chagoi, Soragoi, Karasu, Shusui, Asagi, Hariwake, Goshiki, Sanke, Kohaku, Matsukawabakke, Kikokuryu, Ochiba, Goromo, Shiro Utsuri, Kin Ki Utsuri, Hi Utsuri, Kumonryu, Kikusui, Platinum Ogon, Kin Showa, Yamatonishiki, Hesei Nishiki, Hikari Moyo, Kawarigoi Mix. These varieties may also have Doitsu and Ginrin features.