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Mix Ratio: 80-85% Butterfly Koi

Quantity: 100-125

Size: 1" - 2.5"

Grade: Mixture of Decorative, Select, and Premium

Butterfly Koi are truly our passion. We love producing the best butterfly Koi in the world, hands down. These baby Koi come from parents that are flashy, sparkly and have good finnage. Watch with excitement as these fish change in color and develop patterns of a variety of types. In this group you will find a large percentage of butterfly. Although all parent stock are butterfly/long fin Koi varieties, some fish will not have long fins. This is part of the reason Butterfly Koi command a higher price than most other Koi.

Due to the fragile nature of these small Koi losses up to 20% a few days after arrival have been experienced. Adding 5 lbs non-iodized salt to each 100 gallons of water will reduce post shipping losses. Water above 70 degrees will have best results.