We Pick 4 Surprise Wakin Goldfish

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Wakin were introduced commercially for the first time by Blackwater Creek Koi Farms almost 20 years ago. They are a hardy variety loved by all. Wakin start out as an olive drab color and slowly change to orange and then to red. We have decided to offer some of these fish as a surprise. The surprise will come as the colors and patterns change. We don’t know what they will look like in 6 months but can assure you they have great finnage and genetics from Blackwater Creek.

We had the chance to select a few for a very special and limited offer. These fish are in extremely limited numbers. We have few of these gems and we will select FOUR of them for you.

We are very excited by the progress made in our goldfish program. Blackwater Creek Koi Farms started with just a few common Goldfish and has been able to selectively breed a lot of very exciting new varieties including Sanke Golds, Black Opals, Calico, Regular Wakins, and more to come. As always thanks for all your support!